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At Scapeworks, we’ve made it our mission to make the greening of urban environments easy.

Our bark blowing and rock slinging services lay the foundations for natural environments to thrive in cities and towns. We place soil, sand, mulch and aggregates into hard-to-reach places, exactly where you need them to go. Our crews are handpicked for every job, so they always get it right.

We’re sustainably conscious and do our very best to make sure we’re looking after the planet, as well as our customers.

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Our Services

The Scapeworks team are beneficial on any construction site.

We are the largest fleet of blower trucks & rock slingers in the Southern Hemisphere, so no matter how hard the job is, we’ve got the gear to make it easy. Our efficient method of delivery can get materials in hard-to-reach places and help save you time and money.


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Our Products

We’ve conducted years of research to create market leading soil blends that specifically suit urban environments like rooftops and podiums.

With regular testing by independent labs, we make sure that these blends are always of the highest quality. We also maximise our use of recyclable products like mulches, soil ingredients and aggregates so they match our sustainability goals.


What our customers have to say about us

Greenfern Landscapes have been working with Scapeworks for over 10 years. We use their blower trucks to get soil into the majority of our projects. The time we save allows us to always deliver for our clients.

Shane Abdenour – Project Manager Greenfern Landscapes

The Scapeworks blower trucks have simplified the whole landscaping industry. What used to be days of cranes and bulka bags, can now be done in just a few hours. The whole team goes above and beyond to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Steve Samoluk – Project Manager iScape Projects

The Scapeworks team have been working with Fresh Landscapes on all our major projects for over 5 years. They visit every site prior to each delivery to ensure there’s no surprises on the day. And their efficiency on site is second to none. They always provide a great service!

Tim Donovan – Construction Manager Fresh Landscapes

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