What is a Blower Truck?

Our fleet of Blower Trucks use pneumatic power to pump a wide range of landscape materials directly into garden beds, planter boxes, construction sites and almost all hard-to-reach locations.  They can accurately install products in a desired location (in some cases up to 200m away and up to 33 stories high) by accelerating the material from the built-in hopper via strong flexible blower hose, with a trained staff member at the end of the line applying the material in a controlled environment.  

What is a Rockslinger?

A Rockslinger® is the trademarked term for a High Speed Conveyor Application System.  The machinery has the ability to spread sands, soils and aggregates via the high speed conveyor arm at an astonishing rate of One Tonne per minute. The Rockslinger® machinery can accurately backfill trenches, as well as broadcast product at a distance of up to 30 metres in an arc like shape with a versatile arm capable of maneuvering 270 degrees. 

What products can you pump / sling?

Blower Trucks:

Our fleet of Blower Trucks have the ability to pump a wide variety of Mulches, Soils, Sands and Aggregates. High density products such as Road base and Deco Granite are unable to put through our machinery.


Our Rockslinger machinery can supply and install any material with a particle size or diameter of up to 100mm. These trucks are utilized most for projects requiring Soils, Sands, Aggregates, Road Base, Decomposed Granite, Ballast and Recycled Concrete.

Can I supply my own material?

Generally speaking, the wide range of products Scapeworks Australia stocks, caters to most customers and projects. This allows us to maintain our stringent Quality Assurance policy when supplying fit for purpose materials.

However, we do offer both an ‘Install Only’ alongside a ‘Machinery Hire’ option which gives the customer an opportunity to supply products they desire, provided they can be put through our machinery. Please enquire as to how we may be able to assist. 

What areas do you service?

Scapeworks Australia has the ability to service projects Australia wide.

Do you provide a site inspection service?

Absolutely. We aim to view all projects prior to providing a formal quote and proceeding to book the install. We have trained project managers who will visit your site and provide a site measure if required, along with expert advice and information to ensure a thorough and smooth process.

How accurate are the finished levels?

Our staff are trained in the application of our variety of products and pay close attention when installing our materials. We can work to specific depths required and pay close attention to desired finished levels to ensure a thorough and finished job. 

Do you clean up once complete?

‘Supply, Install, Cleanup’……We aim to leave each of our sites better than the way we found it. We ensure all areas are detailed and thoroughly cleaned before leaving your site. 

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