Privacy Policy

We’re serious about protecting our customers by addressing potential privacy concerns.

Scapeworks Australia has identified the need to develop a privacy policy in order to be transparent to all our customers/clients and employees with how we protect personal and private information of which we need to operate the business.

Scapeworks Australia only when it is required to, collects information from customers/clients and employees by way of emails, phone conversations (which may be recorded for quality control purposes in accordance with applicable laws), forms filled out by individuals (including via online forms), feedback, enquiries, support requests, online user- generated content, face-to-face meetings, and interviews.

The collection, use, storage, and disclosure of personal and private information is handled in line with The Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

How personal information will be received, stored, shared, and captured is kept on Scapeworks Australia owned computers with restricted access as is any hard copy records kept on the company premises. Access to the raw data is restricted to a limited number of employees at upper management level. The primary way in which we collect personal information about an individual or company is when it is given to us by the individual or company representative.

Scapeworks Australia need personal information about our customers/clients and employees to carry out their work and operate our business. The information collected and stored is disclosed to our customers with their consent at all times. This would be names, addresses, numbers, photos of property and at times identification portraits. Our method of collecting personal information is in line with a lawful and fair process. If practical, we only collect the information from the client personally and not from third parties, employee information is collected prior to commencement of employment and why the information is required is disclosed directly to the employee. Access to their own information is possible through request to management staff.

Additionally, in the event we collect sensitive information, we retain effective control over any personal or private information held on our system and the information is handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. This can mean credit information for customers/clients or personal health information for an employee, information of health and medical information would only be disclosed in an emergency situation or requested by a government authority.


Jonathon Moon