Bring damaged areas back to life with best practice Erosion Control

Our Erosion Control Process

  • Organise a site visit with one of our qualified erosion control specialists
  • Site soil testing
  • Select seed endemic to the local plant community
  • Site preparation
  • Installation of compost blanket
  • Maintenance – Initial and long term
  • Scapeworks staff can manage each step and when followed to recommendations, will guarantee successful erosion control.

Ideal solution to rehabilitation
The Ecoblanket solution is a process in which a Compost Blanket is applied to damaged areas as an erosion control measure and a rehabilitation application. It covers the site with a seeded humus layer creating an environment for a natural plant ecosystem to occur which suits the area.

Natural Tackifier
Our compost blanket uses a naturally sourced tackifier that encourages the compost blanket to bind together, immediately stabilising the subgrade beneath.

Single process solution
The process is designed to protect damaged areas, rehabilitate, and control erosion, and all within one process. Soil amelioration, replacement of topsoil, rehabilitation of native flora, erosion control and visual impact of a site are all resolved in that single process.

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